I'm Sick of Writing Songs About Boys That Don’t Matter -Mickey Godding 15F

What is your plan for your DIV III project?

My DIV III is focused on how performance can help women process and express their traumas. My plan right now is to record an album and perform it. My album will have spoken word on it. I currently have a vocal injury so I’m not sure how much singing I’ll be doing until I get the thumbs up from my doctor. If not an album, it’ll be a paper or project revolved around female performance.

What inspired you to do this project?

As a woman, I’m getting tired of hearing women sing about men that have hurt them and only that. And I want to write music about the female experience outside that mentality. Right now the rough idea of the title of the album is “I’m Sick of Writing Songs About Boys That Don’t Matter”.

What will the duration of the album be?

I’ve written around seven songs right now, but I’m waiting to talk to my producer to see if I need to sing about certain topics. I’m also going to incorporate spoken word poetry. Right now I don't know how long it will be, but I’m leaving space for [spoken words]. And I’m working to get guidance to see what that space should be filled with.

Explain what’s involved in writing a song?

A lot of my songs just demand to be written; they just pop in my head, and I’l grab a napkin and write them down in ten minutes. Others songs are a bit of work. For those I just start singing melodies to myself and messages with words. Then I figure what clicks and works and then get excited about it. I work with a producer and I’ll come to the studio with chords and he’ll produce with those cords around it. Then we will work together in terms of lyrics.

When did you start making music?

It really started when my I was young. I was eight or nine. When my mom was gone, I lived with my dad and he wouldn’t let me leave the house unless for school. Do I had a lot of time alone. I listened to music a lot and sung to myself. And I wrote songs to myself everyday. My first song was called “Special Boy”; it was about traveling the world with a guy and falling in love with him.

When do you plan to finish you DIV III?

Depending on my vocal injury, I would like to be finished with it in December and January so I can spend the rest of my time promoting the album and writing my DIV.

I’m not supposed to sing. Now it’s getting better. For instance, tomorrow I’m singing at a wedding. The reason why [my voice] was injured was using the muscle in the wrong way.

I have silent reflux. Basically, the reflux burns my throat. When it burns it it gets irritated. So I was singing so much to write this album, I was pushing through that symptom. I was pushing it and injured it. This is going to be a long journey.

How are you now?

It’s been really stressful especially since all the changes I had to make to heal: no smoking, no eating food before bed, taking a pill, taking long periods of vocal rest, and getting sleep. I can’t eat any acidic foods. It’s been hard adjusting back. It’s hard adjusting to a new environment in general plus all of these restrictions. It’s emotionally draining.

How is the mod life?

It’s so great. I only new one of the people that I live with going in. I knew I had a person. I got so lucky. We all are so similar. We are good respecting each other needs. It’s such a healthy and supportive environment. It’s the most at home I’ve felt in a space here.

What are your post-DIV III plans?

Great question. I want to finish this album and start promoting it and see what happens. I want to reach out to my connections. I want to give music my best shot after Hampshire.

I feel like I have to [pursue music], and I’m going to. We will see how that works out. I’m also lucky enough to have people that care about me and support me. If it ends up not working out, I’ll have people helping me and catching me back into life.

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